“Cyndi came recommended and referred from a very selective friend. The fact that Cyndi was still working with her months later made me say, she must be good! It turns out that I had no idea what an amazing experience I would have working with Cyndi. Her positivity and energy are infectious. You start feeling better and more motivated immediately. Cyndi has figured out a way to keep working out fun, stimulating on all levels and interesting every session. Not typical in any way, I found Cyndi’s personalized workouts gave me the results I was looking for in a short period of time”

~ Karin Bellantoni, Executive Coach/ Millennial Leadership

“My favorite part about working out is feeling my body get stronger each week. I love working out with Cyndi and the gang”

~ Amy

“Being a doctor I’m always on my feet. It’s important for me to look healthy and have good energy throughout my day. And being consistent gives me that. Since working with Cyndi, I have noticed a steady increase in strength and overall improvement in my energy, muscle tone and strength. The workouts are balanced and I always leave feeling amazing. The hardest part is getting up!! But, I’m always glad I did!”

~ Marit

“When I started this “journey” with Cyndi, 5 years ago, I was nervous, un-confident, scared, uncomfortable, sad, and very unsure of what lay ahead. For me, it was never about “weight loss” it was about feeling good, getting healthy and finding a lifestyle that would work for me.
What I gained, was confidence, self-assurance and the ability to set goals and achieve them. I have been able to get out and do things I never thought I could, physically and mentally.
Cyndi has given me the tools, support, encouragement, hugs, time, and has been there every step of the way.  There is nothing I’m not willing to try, hey, if it doesn’t work, at least I tried. Before, I wouldn’t have even made the attempt.
She continues to Challenge me, despite the fact that I’m working through some medical issues.  I’m discovering things about myself daily, reaching for new goals with the confidence “I can do anything”
Cyndi is more than a “fitness coach” she incorporates healthy eating information, is always available for any questions and always has a positive attitude”

~ Miriam

“Cyndi changed my life 🙂 I changed my diet and my lifestyle.  And the best part is I didn’t knowingly do it, I feel amazing”

~ Pati

“I am a triathlete and was nearly taken out by back pain. After just a few weeks working with Cyndi, I feel stronger, the pain vanished, and I was able to train for and compete in Half Ironman pain-free!  I highly recommend Cyndi for all of your strength needs”

~ Miles

“I love working out with Cyndi! I started training with her a few months back for a change of pace and to increase muscle confusion with new exercises I wouldn’t normally put in my personal workouts. Even after training with her for such a short time, I’ve noticed major physical changes. Cyndi’s workouts have helped not only get my physical development to the next level, but also a lot of my PRs have been broken and I’ve added a lot of new exercises to my personal workouts. Would definitely recommend Cyndi to anyone looking to change the way they look in the mirror and even those wanting to feel more energetic and confident in their own skin!”

~ Parker

Fern’s Testimonial

I have been training with Cyndi for a few years. She is well versed on body conditioning and injury prevention with 20+ years of experience. I am 63 years old and in the best shape of my life! Thank you Cyndi Russell.